Opal Realtors has over 25+ years experience with the added benefit of possessing strong international affiliations.
We have expertise in identifying, advising and acquiring sites with development potential and helping to release that asset, with the facility to assist in arranging the sale and acquisition of properties and building land.
With the benefit of access to institutions, government agencies, landowners and developers across South India, we offer privileged off-market guidance as well as strong vendor engagement.
Our land services include:
Unrivalled land market knowledge
Land sales
Land acquisitions for SEZ
Dry land acquisitions
Floriculture land acquisitions
Windmill land acquisitions
Land conversions
Raw Land acquisitions from farmers
FDI Compliant land parcels
Land acquisitions for layouts
Site acquisitions
Feasibility advice
Site assembly
Strategic land
Targeted research and marketing support
Securing of development partners
Joint venture arrangements